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Naruto is summoned to toad world to receive a special item. This is why you should keep your eyes open when you eat. Summary: At Konoha, Karin is being questioned but she demands for some food before she'll spill the secrets. Meanwhile, Tsunade is gorging herself to recover her chakra. Kakashi drops in to thank Tsunade from preventing him from becoming Hokage, and the two start talking about the alliance and Madara's plans. A war meeting is quickly called, and Shikamaru is invited along. Meanwhile, Naruto is at his favorite ramen stand when Sakura runs in and informs him that Tsunade is okay. After Sakura runs off to spread the news, Naruto gets ready to enjoy his ramen, but he is suddenly teleported to Myobokuzan and ends up eating a mouthful of worms. Fukasaku has summoned Naruto to appear before the Great Elder who gives Naruto a reading about his future. The Great Elder states that Naruto will meet an octopus and a guy with power in his eyes. Naruto understands what the second prediction means and is ready for it. The Great Elder orders another toad to hand Naruto the key to the Fourth's seal which will allow Naruto to fully release the nine-tails and is the key to completing some jutsu. In some tunnels somewhere, Anko's team discover the bodies of a few ninjas who were murdered by Kabuto. Meanwhile, Kabuto greets Madara at Madara's secret base. Madara plans to take out Kabuto, but Kabuto convinces Madara to change his mind by using his resurrection technique to resurrect five dead Akatsuki members (Itachi, Saori, Deidara, Kakuzu(?), and Nagato). Kabuto then states that he wants to join forces with Madara. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The story of Naruto continues to move along at a brisk pace. I almost forgot the series was capable of moving this fast lol. There were some more interesting developments in this chapter. The biggest news is Kabuto showing off his resurrection technique and deciding to join forces with Madara. It seems Kabuto really did master Orochimaru's moves. If he could re. As for joining up with Madara, I think Kabuto might be trying to take advantage of Madara's resources for his own benefit. I would be very surprised if Kabuto and Madara didn't end up double-crossing each other by the end. It'll be fun to see how this arrangement works out. Probably won't be good new for the ninja alliance. On to the other development, Naruto gets a special item from the toads. This is expected of course given that Sasuke now has Itachi's eyes, so Naruto has to receive an equivalent power up so the two will end up at the same level. I suppose it's good news that these two lover-boys have more techniques to beat the stuffing out of each other. As for the octopus prediction from the Great Elder, that probably means Naruto will run into Killer Bee soon.
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