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This episode is the climax and also the final episode of the Mai arc in the remake of Kanon. In this episode, Yuuichi got to know about Mai's sad past and had realised that he is also a part of it. Everything had happened ten years ago when Yuuichi was small as he had to leave the town since summer break was over. He left Mai behind, helplessly after having a good time with her. But come to think of it, Mai is not the only one he left. And no, Yuuchi wasn't playing golf. Nor was he hitting anything. It was his sword being forced backwards. lol.Look at the bruise... that must hurt a lot. But looking at Mai, I think all that she felt was numb.Sure, why not?Okay, I change my mind. I don't want to be a bait.But hey, Yuuichi doesn't mind being one. How nice of you... :|Seriously, I would love to see someone who plays around with girls be expelled. But that's not the point. *haiz*That's going to cause some damages falling from the third floor of a building... but just to tell you, Yuuichi was totally unharmed. Why? The snowy ground minimized the impact he made on the ground, I suppose?I thought I just saw Suicune! o_o;Mai's covering her skirts to avoid her pantsu being seen by others. I lol-ed, considering that she still grips her sword tightly with both her hands.There are also these "Ngau Chap" stalls near my house but neither would name their stalls "Niu Wu", lol.The doctor looks a lot like an ero-jiji, seriously! That was what I have in mind about the word "ero-jiji".Mai, I can hear many complains from many people about plagiarising their snow bunny...Um Mai, it's a trap. *Mai falls into the trap* Oh no.The PlotContinuing from the last episode where Yuuichi and Mai decided to finish everything up that very night, this episode started as the two worked together to finish up what Mai defined as “demons”. Meanwhile Yuuichi tried his best to stall a “demon”, Mai was dealing with another. After she killed hers, she went and finish up Yuuichi’s. She managed to kill it as well. However, it appeared that Mai herself was hurt with some sort of bruise on her leg. The bruise slowly spreaded all over her body and she started to become paralyzed as she can’t put any weight of her limbs. Yuuichi suggested that they send her to the hospital, but she insisted that she’ll fight. She’ll only need his help. Yuuichi then carried her up the stairs where they usually have their lunch. It’s their first time coming up at night. Mai told Yuuichi to stay with her so that she can use him as bait for the “demons”. Yuuichi said that they were like playing a game of ‘hide and seek’ as Mai told him that she had once played the game with a friend who left her a long time ago before she met Sayuri. As the demon slowly floated towards them, Mai stood up. She then jumped down the stairs wielding her sword. She then slashed the demon as she landed. Yuuichi picked her up from the ground, only to hear that she had failed to inflict damages on the demon. The demon then attacked them, causing them to be thrown away. Yuuichi then tried his best to lure the demon away from Mai. Mai told him to lure it to the courtyard. The demon started trashing the school and walls collapsed. Yuuichi couldn’t help but think of the punishment that he’ll be getting for all the damages made. The floor he was standing on collapsed as well and he dropped onto a classroom a floor below. He looked at the demons while trying to concentrate. The demon then furiously attacked him as he was tossed at the windows. The windows broke and he fell from the building of the school all the way down to the snowy school ground. He then remembered Mai telling him to lure it to the courtyard as he started running away. Gripping his wooden sword tight, he got on guard as he faced the demon. It came towards to Yuuichi as he tried to defend himself. Unfortunately, his wooden sword was crushed and he was tossed backwards. The demon then got onto him like a tiger holding on a prey, ready to eat.Before Yuuichi knew it, Mai came jumping down from the roof of the school with her sword ready to strike the demon. With spirit in her eyes, she swung her sword, slashing the demon as she successfully killed it. Having its final struggle, the demon finally burst itself and disappeared into thin air. It was all over as the final demon was killed as they greeted each other “Yo”. Mai collapsed to the ground as Yuuichi hold her in his arms. Mai then tried her best to smile and said that she wanted to eat a beef bowl. Yuuichi used her forehead to hit Mai’s. Yuuichi carried her into the school, realizing that all the damages made to the building were only an illusion. Mai continued to say that she was hungry as Yuuichi promised to get some beef bowl after he safely laid Mai somewhere. He left his coat with Mai before he left to a convenience store selling beef bowl. He thought that Mai would be a normal girl after this so the beef bowl were supposed to be for their victory celebration. Little did he know that Mai was lying to get him out of the school. He ran as fast as he could as he realized that Mai wasn’t in the place he left her. Suddenly, he felt a strong pain coming out of nowhere of his body. Another demon appeared before him, but this time, he knew that the demons wanted to convey a message to him personally. Illusions surrounded him. He noticed a shadow of a girl with a bunny hair band. He realized that the person was... Mai! He then found himself in the middle of a huge field. He was able hear laughers. Suddenly, the scene was changed to the hospital where Mai’s mother was lying on the hospital bed. She was promising her daughter that she’ll bring her to the zoo, when she gets well. However, she appeared to be in a bad condition as she coughed. Mai brought a pile of snow into the ward for her mother as her mother made a little rabbit using two leaves as its ears and two red berries as its eyes. Doctors couldn’t do a thing. Then despite her chronic health condition, Mai’s mother decided to bring Mai to the zoo, leaving the hospital. But as Mai’s mother was coughing badly, she decided to have a rest on a bench near to the hospital. As she slept, Mai started to make snow bunnies. In the end, she created a zoo. Her mother was so happy. However, her condition entered a critical condition. Mai cried, hoping that her mom could get better. Indeed she was healed. Then later on, Mai was brought on stage. Her tears had revived a bird and the audiences in the studio were surprised. However, her special ability wasn’t accepted by the people, and so, they had to move from town to town. In the end, they reached a town where Mai met with someone who would accept her and her power. Mai met a boy, someone she could easily befriend. Most of the time, they played in the field. Since the wheat plants were so tall and that Mai was small, the boy couldn’t find her in a game of hide and seek. As a result, the boy decided to play a handicap match by asking Mai to put on a bunny ear hair band. That way, it’ll be easy for him to find Mai. She then told the boy about her power and that because of it, she couldn’t live in the town she used to live in. Slowly, the boy had to leave town as the summer holidays are about to come to an end. Mai, seeing that bulldozers (‘demons’) are trying to destroy the field, told him not to leave her as she couldn’t stop everything alone. In the end, a school was built on the field and they now end up studying together in the school. Indeed, the boy was Yuuichi. He realised it.Yuuichi walked over to Mai, telling that there are no demons at all. The demons were created by Mai herself as it was a living form of Mai’s power. That was why she got hurt every time she kills a demon. The demons had wanted to tell him something, but since they were so strong he couldn’t understand them. He told Mai everything the demons wanted to tell him, and that the ‘friend’ is indeed he himself. He told her that he had to leave because summer vacation had ended. He took out the bunny hair band out of a bag and put it on Mai. He then asked her to let go of her sword. She refused to do so, saying that she might trouble Sayuri and Yuuichi. Memories about them together flashed through Mai’s mind. Finally, Mai said ‘thank you’. She gripped her sword, aimed it towards her heart, and then stroked it through her body, killing herself. She collapsed on the floor. Yuuichi pulled out the sword, and then hold her in his arms. He started to cry. He then heard the voice of Mai’s power. Yuuichi promised not to leave her alone again. She left a message, and then healed Mai’s would. She finally slowly disappeared into thin air. The sun had risen as Yuuichi looked at Mai, telling her to wake up.
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