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Naruto is sent to island to keep him away from Akatsuki. "Tools and fools" might be an apt description for Killer Bee himself. Summary: After having the key to his seal and a toad shoved down his throat, Naruto is sent back to Konoha to finish his ramen. Before returning to Konoha, Naruto asks the Great Sage about the predictions, and the Sage states that Naruto will find "the octopus" at "a paradise with all sort of creatures". Three days later, the five Kages meet up to discuss strategy, and despite Tsunade's protests the group agrees to hide Naruto and Killer Bee to an island controlled by Kumogakure. Naruto, Yamato and entourage are ferried towards the island on a ship, and Naruto is disappointed that the island is somewhat evil-looking. The ferry is suddenly attacked by a gigantic squid, but the Killer Bee appears to repel the squid with his hachibi and at the same time he serenades the new arrivals with his rapping. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wonder if Killer Bee brought Sameheda with him to the island. If so, then both Killer Bee and Naruto will be stuck on an isolated island with Kisame. And if Kisame is on the island, I'm sure it won't be too hard for Madara and Zetsu to find the place. The developments in this chapter went along the expected routes, but they should make for some interesting situations in the near future. The bad guys have the get all the tailed beasts somehow, and Killer Bee will definitely lose his beast before Naruto. For now the next few chapters though we'll probably have Killer Bee teaching Naruto to get in touch with his inner beast. Hopefully Demon Fox Training 101 will be a fun subject.
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