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It's been a while since there's been life here in the blog, but fear not, for we have come to rectify that! or so we hope. Springtime has come, now it's April, a month dear to me and my co-bloggers because it's the month our blog was [officially] born. The same goes for Totali, Owen, CCY and... oh wow that's it?! I don't know any more April blogging celebrants ;_; Anyways, we figured we owe you guys some explanation for this long absence, especially on this Special Day (I'm pretending that it's still the 17th). I myself am very curious about the sentiments of my co-bloggers--why they drifted from blogging, why they started out blogging (because they started out this blog, and I was the foreign specie that ruined their habitat), how Scrumptious was born, and ultimately, whether or not they have joined the ranks of people who turned their back 180° from blogging, never to come back. So without further ado, a word from the Scrumptious chefs: Related posts:Dealing with DeathA Koushien-esque Cross Game Blogging Ambition Once ForgottenBeyond the Blogging Crossroad II: The Woman on the Mirror
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