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With Kushina's assistance, Naruto takes on Kyuubi once again. Kyuubi: Yeah sure, you won't hurt me... just after you blasted me with 100 Raesangans and a couple of Wind Shurikens! Summary: With Kushina's help, Naruto drives out all the hate from Kyuubi and goes on the attack, spamming shadow clones and peppering Kyuubi with a whole lot of Rasengans. With Kyuubi reeling, Naruto's clones starts pulling in Kyuubi's chakra while another clone blasts Kyuubi with a Wind Shuriken. The attacks pay off and Naruto is able to pull Kyuubi's chakra into himself, transforming himself into a new form with a seal on his body. Kyuubi refuses to give up and forms giant black energy ball, but Naruto turns the markings on his body and locks Kyuubi under a powerful seal from the Sage of the Six Paths. Before being locked away, Kyuubi vows to get Naruto back for this. After defeating Kyuubi, Naruto faces Kushina once again. Kushina state that she can now follow after Minato, but before that she wants to tell Naruto what happened during the year when Naruto's born. Kushina then reveals that she was Kyuubi's previous host. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That was a relatively quick and easy victory for Naruto, but I guess Kushina's Power of Love was just too great for Kyuubi. Instead of taming the beast as Killer Bee had done, Naruto just robbed most of Kyuubi's chakra and locked the beast up again. The good thing about this arrangement is that it gives Kyuubi a chance to come back and bite Naruto in the behind. I wonder how Naruto suddenly got access to seals from the Sage of the Six Paths, but perhaps Kushina and someone else will explain later. For now though we are treated to some more story time from Kushina, and we'll finally learn about what happened on the day when Kyuubi attacked the village. It should be an interesting story, but too bad there won't be a new chapter of Naruto next week. From A Product of Wasted Time
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