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The end of the flashback. Dadan just can't admit she likes those two rascals. Summary: After Sabo's tragic death, Ace and Luffy promised each other that they would become strong and free. Through the years, the two grew up together causing trouble and having fun. When Luffy was 14 and Ace was 17, Ace left for the seas and Luffy continues to train. During this time, Luffy sometimes hears news of Ace's success as a pirate, and this motivates Luffy to train harder. Finally, Luffy reaches 17 years of age and sets off on his own to start his grand adventure. Back to the present, Luffy continues to cry and realizes that despite all his training and battles, he is still too weak. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm glad the flashback is finally over, but I'm a bit disappointed that it ended rather uneventfully. I was hoping Dragon would play more of a role in the flashback, but he didn't do much after rescuing the denizens of trash city. In this chapter, Dragon's group appears to have visited the dojo Zoro was from, but I don't remember any connection between Dragon and Zoro so I'm not sure what it means. As for the flashback itself, the whole thing was to give more background into Luffy and Ace's motivation and their relationship with each other. For these purpose, the flashback did the job, but there wasn't much more to it than that. Now that the story is back to the present, let's see what Luffy's next move will be. Luffy needs to become more powerful somehow, but given what's happening in Bleach, I'm hoping to avoid another training segment. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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