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The end of the story of how Kyuubi was sealed inside Naruto. Kushina: Wait...Damn that Minato. He called me a motor-mouth at the end in front of our son! Summary: Minato starts the Dead Demon Seal and convinces Kushina that what he is doing is the best for Naruto and the village. Nearby, the 3rd and helpers arrive but they are kept away from Kyuubi by a barrier that Minato set up. Minato uses the Dead Demon Seal to take away half of Kyuubi's power, and Kyuubi shrinks to a much smaller size. Minato then goes on to set up an altar for the Eight Trigrams Seal to put what's left of Kyuubi and Kushina into Naruto. Kyuubi makes one last effort to kill Naruto, but Minato and Kushina throw themselves in the way and are impaled by Kyuubi's claw and Naruto is saved. Despite being mortally wounded, Minato continues with his plan and summons Gamatora to take the keys of the seal to Jiraiya. With Gamatora gone, Minato is tells Kushina to say her last words to Naruto before being sealed, and Kushina lets off an emotional speech to her infant son. Minato tells Naruto to listen to his mother and performs the seal. Back in Naruto's mind-world, Kushina apologizes to Naruto for not being there for him when he was growing up, but Naruto doesn't mind and thanks his parents for filling him with love. Kushina breaks down and thanks Naruto for accepting Minato and her as his parents and she then fades away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's the end of the flashback story. As expected, there weren't any surprise developments and the sealing went ahead the way Minato wanted it. I still don't really understand Minato's reasoning for sacrificing himself, but once Kyuubi skewered him and Kushina it was the only way to go. I liked the scene with Kushina giving her "final" words to infant Naruto, and Kishimoto did a good job conveying the emotions of the moment. Kushina's advice to Naruto was pretty interesting. Naruto did make some friends as Kushina had hoped, but he failed big time with Sasuke. Also since Kushina said that Naruto should pick a girl like her, I'm guessing she is endorsing Sakura over Hinata lol. Poor Hinata, forever ignored. Now that this flashback is over, it's back to training with Killer Bee on the freaky island. Naruto did take control of some of Kyuubi's powers, but is that the end of the training? Or maybe Kisame will make a move to keep thing interesting. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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