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Chapter 504: Thank You! It is really an unacceptable course of action but I think that it turned out fine since Naruto grew to be one fine young man. So Kushina and Minato can be rest assured that their son is in good hands :) Chapter highlights: So the plan is to use the Shiki Fuhin and seal Kushina's chakra inside Naruto. Because of that, Kushina won't see Naruto until he's grown up. Minato tells her to help Naruto when he tries to control the Kyubi as its host. Kushina, is of course reluctant and wouldn't want her son to bear the pain of being the host. She also questions the use of Shiki Fujin. True enough, she may see Naruto in the future but it's only for a short while, so it's not justifiable. Kushina wants to sacrifice herself and have Minato raise him as he grows up so he questions why does this have to happen. Kushina does not see the reason to sacrifice Naruto and in the process, sacrifice Minato's life  as well. But Minato says that abandoning's one country and village is the same as abandoning one's child. Minato doesn't want Naruto to experience the pain of not having a country and besides, they are all a family of ninjas. Minato also recognizes the need for a mother in the growth of the child. So even for a short time that they are banking on, there is something Kushina could only give as a mother.  So he's not only doing it for Kushina but for Naruto as well. He is willing to die for his son, that's his role as his father. Sandaime arrives together with the others. They can't get inside the barrier that keeps the Kyubi from going out. It seems that Minato and Kushina plans on taking care of the Kyubi on their own.  So Minato proceeds with using the Shiki Fuujin to take half of the Kyubi's power. This surprises Sandaime and everyone else.  Next step will be Hakke Fuin to seal the Kyubi inside Naruto. Kyubi recognizes the moves Minato is doing and immediately knows that he is being sealed once again. Kyubi attacks the altart in an attempt to stop the sealing process but Kushina and Minato threw themselves in and felt the attack of the Kyubi. Minato then summons Gamatora and gives him the key to the seal. The seal will then be taken to Jiraiya and keep it inside him.  Before the Hakke Fuin, Minato tells Kushina to tell the baby Naruto anything she wants to see.  Kushina gave her a number of reminders: don't be picky and eat heartily, take a bath everyday and keep warm, get enough sleep, make TRUE friends. study hard and practice his ninjutsus, respect his senseis and senpais, save his money, don't drink till his 20, find a woman like Kushina. Minato also adds that he needs to watch out for Jiraiya. Kushina tells Naruto that he will face many painful times but he should always be just himself and have the confidence to make those dreams come true.  Kushina really wants to see him grow up and teach him many more things.  Kushina has lots to say right? She apologizes for taking so long. Minato says he it's fine.  Minato also gave his reminder to Naruto: he will second everything his chatty mom said.  And then Hakke Fuin and end of flashback. Back in the present time, Kushina again apologizes for making him go through the trouble and not being to experience a parent's love. But Naruto says that she doesn't need to apologize at all. He never hated her or his dad. He now knows what a parent's love is: sacrificing their lives for his sake. He now knows that there was love inside him before there was the Kyubi and that he was happy that Kushina and Minato are his parents. With this, Kushina fades away and is so relieve that their love reached Naruto. Naruto sheds some tears as the chapter closes to an end. 
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