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Members of the Strawhat crew vow to make themselves more useful before meeting Luffy again. Luffy might be the main man, but Franky is a legend... literally. Summary: - Nami returns to Weatheria and wants to study the Grand Line's weather patterns to become a better navigator. - At the Teena Geena Kingdom of the double-elbowed people, Brook vows to improve his music skill by playing a live concert. - Instead of returning to Luffy, Nico Robin agrees to meet with revolutionaries. - Franky finds Dr. Vegapunk's other secret lab and decides to remain there to absorb all the weapons technology. In the process, Franky starts another legend with the locals. - Usopp tries to lose weight and asks Heracles to teach him some skills. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The updates continue. There wasn't anything overly interesting this week. Franky was pretty funny once again though. The crew members in this chapter seem to have gotten Luffy's message and they all decided to study up a bit before meeting up together again. If everyone was going to get upgrades, I wonder why Oda didn't have that at the start instead of having several characters trying to rush to Luffy and then turn back. It's probably something to do with message that Luffy has passed out, but having the crew members try to leave then return was somewhat needless. The most interesting thing in this chapter was the cover page, and on that page there is a depiction of Sabo as a young man. The last flashback chapter did hint that Sabo survived having his boat blown up, so maybe we'll see him in a future chapter... perhaps sooner than we think. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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