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I finally managed to get internet access at the place I'm staying (for the time being anyways), so here is the long overdue One Piece post. Conqueror is a pretty nice ability to have when you need some dinner. Summary: - Zoro has defeated all the humandrills, but he still wants to become Mihawk's student. Mihawk is amused by Zoro and agrees. Later, Zoro explains to Perona that Luffy's message is in the tattoo on his arm. The arm had the tattoo of 2Y which means the crew is to meet back in Sabaody in two years. In the meantime everyone is training to become stronger. - A few days before, Jimbei says goodbye to Luffy and hopes to meet again in 2 years on Fishmen Island. Luffy is then brought to a deserted island by the Kuja pirates and Raleigh. The island has extremely quickly changing seasons and many formidable beasts, and thus Rayleigh thinks it's the perfect place to train Luffy in the use of haki. Shortly after leaving the Kuja, Rayleigh and Luffy are attacked by a giant elephant, and Rayleigh uses the elephant to demonstrate the three "colors" of haki: observation (predicting the opponent's moves), armament (offensive attack that can even defeat Devil Fruit abilities), and conqueror (making people faint with one's presence). Rayleigh plans to teach the basics of all three colors to Luffy in these two years, and Luffy is enthusiastic to learn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Looks like the rumored time skip is finally here. As people have mentioned, Luffy's secret message was his tattoo. I looked at the tattoo before but I didn't recognize the 2Y, so I was still fooled. Everybody is going training at the same time and when the series comes back it'll probably be two years down the time line. I'm guessing members of the Straw Hats will show up at the archipelago, show off their new moves, run into trouble and then each other and eventually form up again. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the training (like Sanji fighting the newkamas), but it doesn't look like we'll see anything. While the Straw Hats are on training break, One Piece is taking an extended four week break too. Oda and his breaks... at this rate Naruto will catch up and have more chapters. I'm excited about the story after the time skip though. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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