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The conclusion of Guy vs. Kisame. Sharks aren't used to eating tigers. Summary: Kisame and Guy both unleash their ultimate attacks. Kisame thinks he has the advantage as his Giant Shark Bullet absorbs chakra, but to his surprise Guy's Afternoon Tiger flies right through and fries him. After the big explosion and the dust has settled, Guy stands over Kisame with the scroll in his hand and explains that the Afternoon Tiger is a shockwave created by a very fast punch and the blue glow from his body is actually sweat that comes from the Seventh Wonder Gate. Kisame tries to resist, but Guy knocks him out. Later, Kisame is put in a stockade and the Konoha guy with the glasses (can someone tell me his name?) tries to extract information from Kisame. During the interrogation, it was revealed that Kisame was a loner who did anything for the sake of his village and that once included killing the village's intelligence squad so that they couldn't be captured by Konoha. Kisame eventually killed his boss because the boss was helping the enemey and Kisame was then approached by Madara who was controlling the Mizukage. Just as Madara was about to reveal his face during the interrogation, Kisame wakes up by biting his own tongue and breaks out of the stockade. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That was a bit of an unexpected result. I knew Guy would win, but didn't think that he would recover the scroll as well. On the other hand, Kisame was defeated but not killed yet, so there is still a chance he can get the intel off of the island. The fight was a bit quick, but Kisame might make a comeback so there's probably a bit more to see. As for the interrogation part, it seems that Madara is a pretty good pitchman and managed to sell his plan to the always wary Kisame. Hard to say if this information will lead up to anything, but I have a feeling that Kisame is probably going to die now that he has given his life story. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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