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The Shinobi alliance and the Madara/Kabuto alliance plot their next moves. Kabuto is getting ideas from Madara on how to decorate his own evil lair. Summary: Killer Bee, Naruto and company manage to fight out of Kisame's shark traps, but Kisame's intel scroll is long gone. Knowing that Madara's forces will come knocking, Motoi informs the Konoha contingent that they will move the island as the island is actually a gigantic turtle. Meanwhile at Madara's hideout, Kabuto offers to go capture the eight and nine-tails in exchange for a piece of Zetsu. Madara agrees to give Kabuto one Zetsu to experiment on if Kabuto captures the nine-tails. Madara then gives Kabuto a tour of his hideout, showing off the Heretical Demon statute and a plant grown from the 1st Hokage's flesh. Madara then tells Kabuto to look downwards at one more exhibit which is an army of 100,000 naked men (Zetsus) which Madara has created to fight the villages' force of 80,000. At the Joint Shinobi command center, the Kages have a meeting on what to do next now that Naruto and Killer Bee's location has been leaked. It is then decided that the Tsuchikage will take a small elite task force to the island to defend against attacks from Madara's camp. Back at the Madara's hideout, Kabuto and zombie Deidara take off on the mission to capture the remaining tailed beasts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apparently Zetsus are now a commodity lol, especially now that there are 100,000 of them. Zetsu himself (especially Dark Zetsu) don't seem too happy about it, but too bad Madara is the boss. From a numbers perspective, Madara seems to be getting a good deal only giving Kabuto only one Zetsu for capturing the nine-tails, but giving Kabuto one is probably the same as giving Kabuto many Zetsus as Kabuto will probably unlock Zetsu's trade secrets in his experiments. It's interesting that Madara only offered Kabuto a reward for capturing the nine-tails, but maybe that's because of the translations I read. I wonder if Kabuto will actually get the job done or does he have something else in mind, and Madara is probably up to something too by sending Kabuto out on the mission. I'm still looking forward to the moment where Kabuto and Madara start stabbing each other in the back. Now that Kabuto is on the job, Naruto is probably going to experience a zombie invasion. I want Naruto to bring out the zombie that scared in Madara into forming the alliance. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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