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The Fourth Ninja War starts. Should have called the army "Naruto's Army". Summary: Madara and Kabuto mobilize their forces, sending most of the zombies above ground while most of the Zetsus take the underground route. Kabuto then goes to confront Anko who decided to try and sneak into the hideout, and Kabuto/Madara also sent out four zombies including Deidara and Sasori to hunt down the remaining scouts from the Joint Shinobi Army. Meanwhile, back at the Shinobi Army HQ, Gaara gives his inspirational leader speech about how Naruto is such a great guy and that gets the audience to stop trying to beat each other up and work together. The joint army then mobilize against the forces of Akatsuki. Meanwhile, Naruto has finished stacking blocks inside the giant turtle, but Killer Bee raps that there is going to be one more part. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A standard "start of the war" setup with the obligatory inspirational speech by Gaara. I found it amusing that Gaara kept talking about how awesome Naruto was in his speech, but Gaara does seem to have a thing for Naruto these days and this series is called Naruto after all. Both sides are mobilizing forces, the zombies have some chitchat, and some small battles are starting, but it's still in the starting stages. It looks like Anko will once again get owned by Orochimaru (seems like that's her purpose in this series), and things don't look great for the other three scouts now that Deidara's group is coming after them. The action is going to start next week, but it'll probably be a while until Naruto and some of the more important characters will join the action. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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