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The ambush squads from both sides continue to fight. I'm going to draw a scathing comic about you two and post it all over the internet. By the end of the week, you two will be laughingstocks of the whole world! Summary: Omoi cuts Sasori chakra threads which allows his side to retrieve the two recon team members, and Kankuro drags Sasori out of hiding and onto Deidara by pulling on Sasori's threads with his own. Kankuro then pulls out Sasori's old puppet body, but Sasori counters by taking control of Shin. The Joint Army contingent realize that Shin has been implanted with Deidara's explosives, but it can deactivated by lightning techniques. As Shin comes after the group, Omoi tries to hit him with lightning chakra but misses. Deidara activates the bomb, bu Kankuro smothers most of the explosion with a giant puppet hidden in the ground. Sai is pissed off that Deidara used Shin as a bomb and draws two giants to knock both Deidara and Sasori into Kankuro's containment puppets. Omoi disables Deidara's explosives with his lightning chakra, and both are restrained by Kankuro's puppets. Shin quickly regenerates from being blown up but sees the picture book dropped by Sai in which there was a drawing of two of them together. Sai wonders if he has to fight Shin, but Shin states that seeing the drawing has freed his soul and Shin then disintegrates. Not far away, Chuukichi decides that it's time for him to join the fight and back up his zombie comrades. Inside the containment puppet, Sasori wonders why there is no feeling from his chakra threads. Kankuro starts lecturing Sasori that he has lost his way and has now become a puppet to someone else instead of a master ninja puppeteer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An alright action chapter, and the good guys are doing better than expected. I was wondering how the good guys will deal with the "indestructible" zombies, but it turns out Kabuto's zombies can't be destroyed by normal means, they can be defeated by making the soul pass on as did the case with Shin. We don't know how many people in the joint army have the skills to seal away the souls by force, but my guess is that there aren't that many, so the "passing-on" method gives the good guys a better chance at winning. With so many of the zombies being good or not-half-bad characters, the passing-on method of defeating them might become pretty common in the war. Some of the zombies might even help the good guys and/or purposely go against Kabuto/Madara. I can't see Itachi or Nagato playing nice, but we'll see how well Kabuto can control his zombies while he is trying back-stab Madara and claim Sasuke at the same time. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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