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Kakashi's group vs. the zombies. Just when you thought there couldn't be more zombies... Summary: Using Orochimaru's chakra extracted from Anko, Kabuto exerts a stronger binding on the zombies that are facing Kakashi's group. Zabuza and Haku resist as much as they can but Kabuto eventually wins complete control. The four zombies attack and they take out a number of ninjas from Kakashi's forces. To further tip the battle in favor of his zombie forces, Kabuto gets two of the zombies to summon the other six of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist (which Zabuza was a member). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When there are zombies, the situation often leads to more zombies and that was the case in this chapter. It was a pretty standard combat chapter without much in the way of developments. Kabuto exerts more control, and the zombies are now mindless killing machines. We saw some scrubs from the Shinobi Army getting killed, and that'll probably happen a lot more as the war heats up. I wonder when we'll see a named character (who's still alive) die in battle. We still have to see how the good guys are going to overcome Kabuto's zombies which are now even more hax than before. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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