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The Straw Hats take over Ryuuguu Palace. A giant bloated shark stuffed with a giant mermaid isn't really less conspicuous than a giant mermaid. Summary: At Ryuuguu Palace, Zoro and the rest of Straw Hats have subdued and tied up King Neptune and all his subordinates and King Neptune's forces tried to put them in jail. The Straw Hats aren't sure what to do at this point as it wasn't their intention to get in a fight with King Neptune, and at this moment Fukaboshi's ship returns and knocks on the gate. Zoro answers and demands that Fukaboshi find the remaining Straw Hats members (Robin, Franky, Sanji and Chopper), give the Thousand Sunny a new coating and allow the Straw Hats to leave in peace in exchange for the hostages. Fukaboshi agrees and then asks Zoro to pass on Jinbei's message to Luffy. In the message, Jinbei wanted to tell Luffy not to fight with Hodi and that Jinbei is waiting in the Sea Forest. Back at Coral Hill, people have gotten word of Straw Hats' takeover of the palace, and Chopper and Sanji decide to head to the palace. At Koukaku Tower, Shiraboshi reluctantly tells Luffy that she wants to visit the Sea Forest, and Luffy agrees to protect her along the way. Luffy then comes up with an idea to make Shiraboshi less conspicuous after leaving the tower. Back at the central chamber of the palace, Brook decides he'll go check out the princess and agrees to bring to Minister of the Right along. Brook and the minister arrive near the tower and they see that Van Der Decken has tossed a crew of human pirates to the tower. Just as the pirates are about to get up, Megalo busts out the door with Luffy riding on top and Shiraboshi stuffed into his mouth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For reason I thought the Straw Hats would just escape from the palace (sans Luffy) after fighting off King Neptune's forces, so I didn't expect that they would defeat all the guards and take over the palace. It's going to take a lot of effort to clear up the misunderstanding now. For now, there is a stalemate between the Straw Hats and Fukaboshi as there is only one corridor into the palace, but that probably won't last long as Luffy is going to take Shiraboshi out for a stroll. They say that there is only one corridor into the palace, but it seems that Van Der Decken can toss stuff through anyways. I guess whatever he throws just goes right through the bubble layers. Decken probably can't toss himself though, or else he would have invaded Shiraboshi's tower already. We finally heard Jinbei's message this week, and coincidentally the Sea Forest is where Shiraboshi and Luffy are headed. So Jinbei is still in the picture, and Luffy will probably see him soon enough. As for not fighting with Hodi, I am thinking there might some other reason other than "Hodi is really strong", since the latter reason would never be enough to convince Luffy to not fight someone. Given Hodi is a bad guy, Luffy will probably fight him anyways, but we'll see what kind of consequences that will have. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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