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Darui finishes the sealing and everyone moves to join their comrades in battle.  It then highlights a few of the other battle between notable charaters, as well as showing Darui noting that the rope was sealed away as well as the fact the banana fan was missing.  The chapter then shifts to Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji running into Kakuzu who just finished gathering his five hearts.  he then notes that if Shikamaru is alive then he must have defeat Hidan, while also stating that if he is indeed a bishop he should act as one and releases his four elementals.  He then states that the also have a "silver and gold" and point to Dan and Asuma.  The fight then shifts to Chouji's dad and Dan fight as Dan states he needs to be sealed within the four violet flames barrier before he uses the ghost transformation technique.  Chouza is then seen protecting a buch of other ninja who are prepaing the sealing, when they see some of Kakuzu's elementals in the sky.  Then Kakuzu is seen being attacked, resulting in him being caught by the chains and haveing his arms pinned to the ground.  Just as Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji move in to help seal him, Shikamaru's father stops them, telling them to fight and capture Asuma.  They all feel that this is extremely unreasonable and begin to argue, only to be rejected as he states that as his Asuma's former team, they know him and his abilites the best.  Shikamaru agrees and decides to fight to the surprise of Chouji who is seen as very conflicted and emotional.  Chouji is then reminded of the war and Asuma's last words.  Ino also reflects over Asuma's last words and realizes that Shikamaru is right and goes to both of them and they prepare to fight.  The chapter then shifts to Kankuro and the scout team who are running from Hanzo, Chiyo, Kimimaro, and the sensor from before.  Hanzo getting agrivated summons one of his salamanders which in turn spreads a poison gas trapping the scouts.  As Hanzo comes in to finsih them, Mifune steps in and  protects Kankuro introducing himself and stating that he wishes to fight. Permalink | Leave a comment  »
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