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Mifune battles Hanzo. Mifune: You really do need to get a better blade, and I mean literally. Summary: As Ino-Shika-Cho face off against zombie Azuma near the beach, back in the forest Mifune's samurais arrive just in time to back up Kankuro's squad. The samurais have gas masks so they are immune to Hanzo's poison gas, and Mifune declares he'll handle Hanzo by himself. Meanwhile, Chiyo (who still controls her own mouth and has fought Hanzo before) decide to tell Kankuro the antidote to the posion gas and Kimimaro charges into the samurais. Hanzo wants to shut Chiyo up but he has his hands full with Mifune. Despite using only his sword, Mifune holds his own against Hanzo's scythe and chain and is fast enough to prevent Hanzo from using ninjutsu. The two combatants talk about each other's philosophies regarding war and peace. Mifune reveals that had fought Hanzo once before and Hanzo had broken his sword and cut him in the head, but it won't happen this time because Hanzo has lost his mojo. Hanzo thinks back to his death at the hand of Pain and Pain had said something similar. Hanzo doesn't get it and calls his salamander to swallow Mifune, but Mifune slices his way out and charges and Hanzo in a situation similar to their previous fight years before. This time however it is Mifune who breaks Hanzo's scythe and slices through Hanzo as well. Mifune then explains that by abandoning his ideals and going only for self preservation, Hanzo has lost his edge. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In the first few pages, you all thought you are finally getting the emotional match-up between zombie Azuma and his former students right? Not this week, says Mr. Kishimoto. Instead, we are getting Mifune vs. Hanzo, both of whom are well-known warriors of Naruto's world, but they are not really prominent characters in the story. Hanzo is supposedly very bad-ass given that he once had Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru against the ropes, but he certainly wasn't very impressive against Mifune. Mifune is supposed to be a master swordsmen, but wasn't Hanzo supposed to be one of the most formidable ninjas in history. Mifune probably has a point when he said Hanzo had lost his edge, or maybe Hanzo was overhyped to begin with. We finally saw how Pain killed Hanzo, but there wasn't anything too interesting there. While Mifune has shown he can cut Hanzo, that doesn't do much good given Hanzo is a zombie that can keep on regenerating. Maybe Kankuro has more puppets to trap the zombies with. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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