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Choji tries to find the resolve to fight zombie Asuma. Time for the student to spread some wings and fly. Summary: Choji can't bring himself to fight Asuma even when Asuma calls him a fat ass. Therefore, Ino has to switch into Choji's body in order to save Choji from getting himself killed, and Chouza has to tag out of fighting Dan in order to block some attacks from Asuma. After a lot of inspiring words from Chouza, Shikamaru and Ino and some key flashbacks, Choji finally mans up and calls up his Butterfly Bullet Bombing technique without using the special pills. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The entire chapter was focused on Choji trying to find the resolve to take on his former teacher. It's what you'd expect to happen after seeing how the last chapter ended, but it still wasn't too exciting or moving. I'd probably care more if it was Shikamaru who needed to man up because he is a more prominent character, but of course lets blame it all on the fat kid lol. I was expecting drama from this fight, but having most of the drama come only from Choji so far wasn't that good. I want to see Shikamaru and Ino getting emotional too. Anyways, Choji did finally man up though, and so we can move on to the actual battle now which probably won't last very long unless Kabuto starts interfering. From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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