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Naruto breaks out of the training chamber. Naruto: I know I'm not the smartest guy around, but you are insulting my intelligence with such a lame cover story. Summary: Inside the dark temple, Naruto is confronted by a group of Konoha ninjas including Iruka. After learning that Naruto had sensed Kyuubi's chakra, Iruka makes up a bad story about there is a creature with the Kyuubi's chakra outside and will react if Naruto gets near it. Naruto of course doesn't buy the dumb story and charges outside using Sage Mode, losing his headband in the process. Naruto is caught by a shadow mimic, and at this point Iruka decides to tell the truth about the war outside and Madara's intentions to capture Naruto and Killer Bee. Naruto states that he'll go out and end the war. Iruka argues with Naruto but then states that Naruto is like a little brother to him and hands Naruto back his headband. Iruka uses the opportunity to put a barrier around Naruto, but Naruto goes into Fox Mode and escapes. While running away from his pursuers, Naruto notices that Iruka left a letter in the headband, and in the letter Iruka states that he hopes Naruto will come back alive in case Iruka fails to stop Naruto from joining the fight. Naruto feels encouraged after reading the letter and puts his headband back on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Naruto breaks out and learns the truth as expected, but I'm pretty disappointed at the guard squad that was supposed to keep Naruto inside the training room. If Naruto is that important, then shouldn't the guards already have agreed to a story (or stories) to tell Naruto in case Naruto gets inquisitive. Having Iruka trying make something up from the spot was poor planning. It was interesting that Naruto used Sage Mode and Fox Mode at different points of the chapter, and Naruto also didn't seem to need to collect Sage chakra beforehand for Sage Mode. From this it looks like Sage Mode still has a role in Naruto's arsenal and won't just be replaced by Fox Mode. The only thing missing in Naruto's move set now is the Tailed Beast Bomb which Naruto hasn't figured out yet, but he'll probably be able to do it during a desperation situation later in the story. I wonder what happened to Killer Bee during this chapter. Why didn't he come out to help when Naruto was about to bolt? From the feed of A Product of Wasted Time
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