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Personally, I have never been more excited to watch this particular episode of Nisemonogatari. My favourite character has got to be Sengoku Nadeko who is voiced by Hanazawa Kana. Seeing as she is my all time favourite Seiyuu, it can’t get much better than this. In terms of the overall cast, this time around we have Nadeko, Ararararararagi Karen, and Kanbaru Suruga as our featured heroines. I found this episode to include tons and tons of fanservice, which was a welcome change from the normal monogatari episodes. While it’s not a particular interest of mine to see fanservice, sometimes adding it the right time can make a difference. Be forewarned though, this episode contains tons of fanservice, and pretty much blatant nudity. We get to see for the first time Karen interacting with the our main protagonist Koyomi. Both fire sisters had a very minor role in Bakemonogatari, and now with the introduction of Karen, we get a good taste of their personality and concept in this series. The plot doesn’t exactly develop that much this episode, but will probably pick up now that both fire sisters have been shown. I’ll be honest and say I am absolutely loving the [...]
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