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Synopsis: In 1711, Maiza and other alchemists summoned a demon, thus, obtaining immortality. In 1711, aboard the ship Advena Avis, a woman with glasses asks a man named Gerd if he is worried about his brother. Gerd says he is scared. He asks if alchemists are permitted to summon demons. He also asks if such things as immortality are necessary. The woman says she doesn't know the answers but if it will lead to them discovering the panacea then they'll have to deal with it. Gerd says he doesn't think immortality would be beautiful. He'd rather have a limited life spent together with the woman, Sylvie. The woman says even if she has to give up immortality, as long as she can be with Gerd, she won't be afraid. [ This is only an excerpt for the post! Go the the website for the full content + pictures + links. ]
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