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strong>Synopsis: In 1980, Isaac and Miria took the Genoard family fortune. Bah! Baccano! is over by now. I delayed doing a post for this episode because it features Isaac and Miria. i don't like them. Perhaps this episode is my least liked episode too. Anyway, the police and FBI are pursuing the suspects of serial robberies in several states. The number of cases has risen to 110. Pictures of the robbers are shown. They are Isaac and Miria. Seeing their pictures, someone asks why the they haven't arrested the robbers. Mr. Sullivan from the FBI explains that the pictures were taken by citizens intrigued by the robber's curious costumes. The citizens didn't know the pair were robbery suspects until after they have taken the pictures. Before. their crimes had been too petty. The stole things like clocks, chocolates, candies, and a museum door once. Recently, however, they stole the assets of New Jersey's millionaire family, the Genoards. [ This is only an excerpt for the post! Go the the website for the full content + pictures + links. ]
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