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Unfortunately, these spoilers are yet to be confirmed, but they sound real anyway. – CHAPTER STARTS – テラアマスの残り火が森に移り森萌える。 The remaining flames from Amaterasu reach the forest, starting a forest fire. ゼツ[イタチェが倒れた?]シロ蛇にもテラアマスが移り蛇焼けしぬ Zetsu: Itachi collapsed? Amaterasu reaches the white snake, and it burns too. ゼツ[うそ!イタチェって死んでない?]イタチェのアップ!キモイw ここで雨がふりだす。 Zetsu: No way! You’re telling me Itachi’s dead? Close-up on Itachi. It’s pretty [...]
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