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Pain attempts to trap Naruto with the Chibaki Tensei gravity bomb, but Naruto counters by growing two more tails.Summary:Despite Konan's protests, Nagato pours his chakra into God Realm, who releases a black ball of energy into the air. The ball of energy starts pulling in trees and large pieces of the Earth from the surrounding along with Naruto to a form a floating sphere. The six-tailed Naruto tries to blast sphere but to no avail, and he is eventually crushed into the floating mass of Earth. Pain thinks that he has captured Naruto, but suddenly Naruto breaks through the sphere in his eight-tailed form.No son, you are not old enough to browse the adult magazines section yet.Inside his mind, Naruto is wondering what to do, and the demon fox tells Naruto to remove his seal and destroy everything. Naruto moves towards the demon fox's cage to rip off the last seal, but he is stopped by his father, the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze. Minato explains that he will appear within Naruto's consciousness when the 8th tail appears,and he states that he looked forward to seeing his son even though he never wanted to see the demon fox again.~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pain's Chibaki Tensei was a pretty neat trick, but Naruto (predictably) just piled on the tails until he had enough brute strength to break free. I think Pain is pretty much done now since he seems to be barely alive and out of chakra, so he's not in any condition to fight the eight-tailed Naruto. Given that, whatever happens for the next short while will probably be decided by Naruto, Minato, the demon fox, and perhaps Yamato. Minato appearing as part of the demon fox's seal was pretty neat too, and by doing things this way he'll always be a part of Naruto. Now that the 4th has appeared, I'm guessing Yamato might not have to sacrifice himself to bring Naruto under control, but right now to the outside world Naruto is still a giant, uncontrollable, and extremely powerful monster.No news from Konoha's finest (except for Yamato and Naruto) in this chapter, but any sane person would probably run the heck away from the battle rather than to look for Pain.
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