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After a brief confrontation with Blackbeard, Luffy and company continue on with their escape.Blackbeard: Hey, I'm not ready ye...!!!Luffy: You snooze, you lose!Summary:After running into Luffy's group, Blackbeard starts taunting by stating that he had originally wanted to defeat Luffy to prove his worth to the world government, but since Ace got in the way instead now he has no need to kill Luffy. Luffy is incensed and punches Blackbeard in the gut, and Blackbeard retaliates by slamming Luffy with his black hole power. Luffy gets up and wants some more of Blackbeard, but he is restrained by Jimbei who reminds the young pirate that their first priority is to escape from the prison. Meanwhile, Crocodile asks Blackbeard what he is doing at Impel Down, but Blackbeard refuses to give a clear answer, only saying that it's all part of a plan.At this moment everyone is alerted to the arrival of Magellan, and Ivankov tells Luffy to hurry up and get to Level 3. Not far away, Magellan learns of Blackbeard's arrival at Level 4 and wonders what Shiryuu is doing. Magellan phones into the monitor room and a guard reports that all of the surveillance system is down. Magellan demands to know what's going on, but the line goes dead as Shiryuu barges into the monitor room and kills the guards inside. In Level 1, Buggy, Mr. 3 and the prisoners are celebrating as there are no guards standing in their way.Back in Level 4, Blackbeard mentions One Piece and declares that his crew is going to do something that will shake the foundation of the world. Blackbeard's crew and Luffy's group then head off in opposite directions. Meanwhile, Magellan discovers that Sadie-chan has been tied up after being bested by Ivankov. At this moment Blackbeard and his crew arrives to confront the warden, but Magellan easily brushes them aside with his poison hydra. Magellan then spots Luffy in the distance and vows never to let the young pirate leave the prison alive.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hmmm did Blackbeard come to Impel Down because he is looking for One Piece? I guess he must be thinking that the biggest treasure in the world would be hidden in the place that people didn't want to go. However, if Blackbeard could figure it out, then I'm pretty sure smarter people have already tried looking into Impel Down since Blackbeard isn't exactly the brightest of all people. Whichever the case, I was surprised how easily Magellan shoved aside the Blackbeard Pirates with his poison. Blackbeard and his cronies should have known that Magellan wouldn't give them a warm welcome. Supposedly Magellan's poison is next to incurable, but there's no way Blackbeard will go down so easily. He is the guy who took down Ace after all, although Blackbeard has never been portrayed as untouchable due to the nature of his Devil Fruit (no turning his body into the elements) and lack of real smarts.Anyways, it looks like we'll get a Luffy vs. Magellan rematch if Magellan can catch up to Luffy. Meanwhile, it looks like Shiryuu is destroying the prison probably to get Magellan back for locking him up, but he is supposedly nuts so he might have some other intent as well. With everybody else busy with something, Buggy and Mr. 3 just might end up being the first group to get out of the prison.
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