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The extremely unlikely conclusion to the Pain vs. Konoha arc.Konan to Naruto: Yeah, sorry about destroying your village. Here are some flowers to cheer you up.Summary:After stating that he believes in Naruto, Nagato calls upon his final technique "Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu" to revive all of the people he had killed during his little excursion into Konoha. All of the people who were killed in the battle including Shizu, Fukasaku and Kakashi are brought back to life, but Nagato dies because he used up his own life force. Afterwards Konan wraps up Nagato and Yahiko's (God Realm) bodies and states that she'll believe in Naruto since Nagato believed him. Konan hands Naruto some paper flowers before leaving and Naruto promises that he'll do a good job.Elsewhere, Sasuke and his cronies are getting ready to move out to Konoha.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WTF happened here!? So in the end the Pain vs. Konoha arc concludes with what constitutes as a reset ending as all of the good guys that were killed are revived. Yes, Nagato died, and Konoha is trashed, but at least everyone else is magically still alive. Thanks to the ending, the entire arc was basically a pointless exercise since nothing was really accomplished other than the destruction of the village and Naruto becoming the de facto protector of Konoha. The initial attack and the subsequent Naruto vs. the six Pains fight were nice, but the arc became lame when Nagato started reciting his memoir, and it became even worse when Nagato somehow threw away all of his world-hating beliefs because of some generic shounen heroism on Naruto's part (and we didn't even get to see Naruto punch Nagato in the face... how disappointing). Ah generic shounen heroics; is there anything it can't accomplish? If Naruto was able to convince Nagato to believe in him without actually giving a real answer, logically he should have no problem convincing Sasuke to stop being emo, but of course expecting logic from a series like Naruto is a futile exercise. Lets just hope Sasuke will have a rocking homecoming party. On second thought, wasn't Sasuke's group already headed for Konoha before Pain attacked? I guess they just wanted to chill out for a bit before going on a journey lol.Before I forget, whatever happened to Danzo and his little plot to take over Konoha. Did they accidentally get squashed when Nagato crushed the village?
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