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Naruto gets a hero's welcome; Akatsuki plan their next move; and Danzo goes for the power grab.The alpha female demonstrates her authority while the rest of the pack are forced to stand around and watch.Summary:After parting with Konan, an exhausted Naruto is retrieved by Kakashi and receives a big hero's welcome from the citizens of Konoha. While everyone is celebrating, Shikaku gets summoned to an emergency meeting with the village elders and the nation's officials.Meanwhile, Zetsu returns to the Akatsuki hideout to inform Madara and Kisame of what happened in Konoha. As Konan isn't coming back, Madara notes that they need to find someone else to sync with the Gedo Mazo. Madara then dispatches Kisame to find the eight-tailed beast while he himself attends to some other business.Just outside of Konoha, the three ninjas from Kumogakure are joking around until they see a giant crater in place of where Konoha was supposed to be. In a tent inside the crater, Naruto visits Tsunade who is shriveled up and in a coma after using too much of her chakra.Elsewhere, Shikaku and the elders of Konoha are meeting with the lord and other officials of the Fire Nation. Danzo brings up the topic of who will be the next Hokage since Tsunade is in an indefinite coma, but Shikaku cuts in front by nominating Kakashi. The lord and most the official are not opposed to the suggestion, but Danzo interrupts and makes a speech about how the Third Hokage and his students (and their students) are the ones who screwed up Konoha in the first place. The speech proves to be effective as the lord changes his mind and decides to let Danzo be the next Hokage.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Moving forward beyond Pain's attack on the village, Naruto gets his hero's welcome as expected, and all the other parties are making moves as well. In particular Danzo finally makes his power grab, and thanks to Pain's attack Danzo actually didn't need to use force to obtain the position of Hokage. I'm not sure how Danzo managed to convince the council with his self-promotion speech, but I guess Danzo either already has support or the Fire Nation officials just like people who are full of confidence/themselves. Too bad there isn't much of village to rule over, but at least all of the citizens are still alive. In order to hold on to power, Danzo will probably need to do away with Tsunade and get Naruto under control. The latter will probably never happen, but I'm not sure whether if Tsunade will survive ordeal. Jiraiya and Orochimaru have already bit the dust, so it won't be too surprising if Tsunade followed suit.Looks like there will be some internal political struggles in Konoha just in time for Sasuke's homecoming. It's funny how even the three ninjas from Kumogakure arrived before Sasuke's gang despite the fact that Sasuke had declared his intentions of returning to Konoha before the Raikage sent out the three ninjas. I suppose the most important guest always arrives last lol.
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